Radix Concord - Results!

The CPAA Dance Company had an awesome weekend at Radix! The convention classes were great, the teachers were so informative, and the competition was amazing! Here are the results:

Competition Awards
Young Money - "On the Edge" (Near Perfect Score) & 1st Overall Teen Production
Pretty Girls - "On the Edge" (Near Perfect Score) & 1st Overall Rookie Small Group
My Team - "On the Edge" (Near Perfect Score) & 1st Overall Mini Small Group
End of Time - 1st Overall Rookie Line
Shake Your Groove Thing - 2nd Overall Junior Small Group
Circus - 3rd Overall Junior Line
End of Time
When I Grow Up - 1st Overall Rookie Duet/Trio

Ain't Your Mama (Elle) - 4th Overall Rookie Solo
Boom! (Khloe) - 5th Overall Rookie Solo
Amazing Grace (Rilynn) - 9th Overall Mini Solo
Sweet Georgia Brown (Camryn G) - 10th Overall Mini Solo
My Love (Cameron B) - 8th Junior Solo
The Promise (Zoe) - "On the Edge" (Near Perfect Score) & 5th Overall Teen Solo

Pretty Girls
Core Performer Scholarship Winners
Zoe - Teen Core Performer Winner
Jasmine - Junior Core Performer Runner-Up
Camryn G, Jada and Trinity - Mini Core Performer Runner-Up

Class Scholarship Winners

Tap Scholarship - Alex
Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Scholarship - Toni, Rilynn and Nea
Ballet Scholarship - Rilynn
Hip Hop Scholarship - Cameron, Kyndall, Kyanna and Mar'yana
Musical Theatre Scholarship - Lilah

Enjoy some Behind-the-Scene pics from our exciting weekend!

This was an awesome start to the competition weekend! I'm so proud of all of our students. They ROCKED IT! Can't wait for the next one!

GUEST POST from Cavaughn: Why I Love Dancing!

Cavaughn - CPAA Dance Company member
The reason I like dancing is because no matter what type of music or type of dance, it always expresses me and my feelings. Whether I'm happy, sad, surprised, etc., dance ALWAYS makes me feel happier than I did before I started dancing. That's the main reason I like dancing. Another thing that I like about dancing is that it just makes me feel good! :)

The reason I like dancing with CPAA is that I actually get to learn what words mean such as passé (to pass) and en croix (in the shape of a cross). This means I'm learning a foreign language. COOL! All of these things and more is what makes dance FUN!

Cavaughn is a 2014-2015 CPAA Dance Company member. She has been dancing for 7 years. She also enjoys participating in drama club,  being a member of the Youth Choir and being a youth usher at church. 

24 Seven - Awards!

"House Party" - 11 O'Clock Winner (Junior)
The CPAA Dance Company traveled to attend 24 Seven Dance Convention where they competed and took classes! We had a blast at 24 Seven Dance Convention in Atlanta GA! Here are the awards that were won along with some fun pictures :)

"Work" - 11 O'Clock Winner (Teen)
House Party - 1st Overall Junior Large Group, 11 O'Clock Winner, Top Junior Hip Hop Dance, Studio Showcase Routine
Work - 2nd Overall Teen Small Group, 11 O'Clock Winner
Titanium - Top Teen Tap Dance
Somebody - 3rd Overall Teen Duet/Trio
Big Noise - 3rd Overall Mini Duet/Trio
The Way You Make Me Feel (Riley) - 8th Overall Junior Solo
Sweet Dreams (Hailey) - 9th Overall Teen Solo
Sacrifice (Zoe) - 9th Overall Teen Solo

Non-Stop Dancer Scholarship Winner - Cameron B

Cameron B - Mini Non-Stop Dancer Runner-up
Some of the girls ready to take class!
Tap Scholarships:
Camryn G

Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Scholarships:

Hip Hop Scholarships:

Congrats to all of our lovely ladies! You guys were AWESOME!

Posing with Twitch!

Hall of Fame Awards!

The CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew had an awesome weekend at Hall of Fame Dance Challenge in Winston-Salem, NC. They competed against some amazing studios and had such a fun time throughout the entire weekend. Here are the results!

MVP Award (This routine will be featured on the Hall of Fame Website!)
Higher Ground

Future Hall of Fame Small Group
4th Overall - Firework

Future Hall of Fame Large Group
3rd Overall - Hero

Junior Small Group (Rookie) 
1st Overall - The Queen

Junior Small Group (National)
1st Overall - Get Low

Junior Large Group (National)
1st Overall - Respect

Teen Small Group
Titanium - 6th Overall
Higher Ground - 7th Overall

Future Hall of Fame Duet/Trio (Rookie)
1st Overall - Lip Gloss (Kayla and Morgan T.)

Future Hall of Fame Duet/Trio
2nd Overall - Hot and Cold (Jada, Alex and Camryn)

Junior Duet/Trio (Rookie)
1st Overall - Girl Fight (Hannah and Taylor E.)

Teen Duet/Trio (American)
4th Overall - Somebody That I Used To Know (Toni and Zoe)

Teen Solo 
5th Overall - Sacrifice (Zoe)
9th Overall - Sweet Dreams (Hailey)

Senior Solo
5th Overall - Fire (Toni)

Entertainment Award
House Party

Showmanship Award
Gimme Gimme (Sydney)
Watch It (Taylor B. and Camilla)

Super Style Award
Hound Dog (Jada)

Precision Award
Hot and Cold (Jada, Alex and Camryn)

Star Quality Award
Sacrifice (Zoe)

Fabulous Feet Award
Fire (Toni)

All Star Awards
Sydney, Nyah, Zoe, Hailey and Toni

Congrats ladies! You represented #CPAAnation to the fullest! 

Monsters of Hip Hop 2015!

During the first week of October, the CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew attended Monsters of Hip Hop in Atlanta GA. It was a blast! All of our students took classes from Tabitha and Napoleon, Laura Edwards, Luther Brown, Kevin Maher, Sean Bankhead and many more! They also had a chance to compete in a Freestyle Battle and audition to receive different scholarships. 

Congratulations to the these girls for winning the following scholarships:

Grace - Orlando Tour Finale Scholarship
Zoe - Millennium Dance Complex Scholarship
Jada - Monsters One-City Scholarship
Toni - $100 Monsters Gift Certificate
Joshlynn - $100 Monsters Gift Certificate

Congratulations ladies! We're so proud of you!

Regionals, CHECK! Up next...Nationals!

This past weekend, the CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew attended their last Regionals Competition of the Season...Encore Dance Competition. Each dance performed amazingly! Not only did they dance well, they were recognized amongst some of the biggest studios in the Charlotte area. All of the studios were fantastic at the competition. So a BIG shout out to all of the studios that attended Encore in Asheville. An even bigger shout out to the CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew for the following results:

My City - 1st Overall Competitive Junior Super Group and Highest Competitive Score of the Day
Too Darn Hot - 1st Overall Recreational Junior Duet/Trio and Highest Recreational Score of the Day
Come and Get It - 1st Overall Elite Junior Small Group
Countdown - 1st Overall Recreational Junior Small Group
Boing Clash Boom - 2nd Overall Recreational Junior Small Group
My Boyfriend's Back - 2nd Overall Competitive Mini Duet/Trio
Hey Mickey - 3rd Overall Competitive Petite Small Group
A Little Party - 3rd Overall Competitive Junior Small Group
Dance - 3rd Overall Competitive Mini Duet/Trio
Eyes - 3rd Overall Elite Junior Duet/Trio
You - 4th Overall Elite Junior Small Group
Beats (Toni) - 5th Overall Elite Teen Solo
Imagine - 7th Overall Elite Junior Small Group
I'm Really Hot - 10th Overall Elite Junior Small Group

Only 6 Diamond awards were given in the Junior and Petite Competition...and CPAA received 3 of them for "Too Darn Hot", "My City", and "Come and Get It". 

The judges chose one studio to receive the NY Quest Intensive Studio Scholarship...and they chose CPAA!

WOW! It was a great weekend. Such an awesome way to close out our last regional competition. We couldn't have had such a success without our awesome parents and their talented, sweet and crazy kids! Thank you guys!

After the recital, the CPAA Kidz Crew and the Diamonds of the CPAA Dance Company will be competing in Savannah, GA at Encore Nationals. 

Now...Let's get ready for our 5TH ANNUAL SPRING RECITAL! More info to come soon...

Join "Team CPAA" for the JDRF Walk!

CPAA is making a team for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) walk that will be held on Saturday, April 5th (8:30am) at Carowinds. I would love for all of my Dance Company and Kidz Crew to participate. We will walk (or run!) in the 5K.

Awards Update!

This weekend, the CPAA Dance Company and the CPAA Kidz Crew attended Legacy Dance Championships here in Charlotte NC. It was our first competition of the season and we ROCKED it! Listed are the results and some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Hey Mickey - Platinum and 1st Overall Mini Small Group

Countdown - Platinum, Swag Award and 3rd Overall Petite Small Group

Kiss - Elite Gold, 8th Overall Petite Small Group

Boing Clash Boom - Platinum, 2nd Overall Petite Small Group

A Little Party - Platinum, Clean & Cut Award and 3rd Overall Petite Small Group

My Boyfriend's Back - Platinum, Spunky Award and 1st Overall Mini Duet/Trio

Dance - Platinum, 2nd Overall Mini Duet/Trio

Too Darn Hot - Platinum and 1st Overall Petite Duet/Trio

I'm Really Hot - Platinum and 8th Overall Teen Small Group

Imagine - Elite Gold and 6th Overall Junior Small Group

Come and Get It - Elite Gold and 7th Overall Junior Small Group

You - Platinum and 1st Overall Junior Small Group

Dock of the Bay - Elite Gold and 6th Overall Teen Duet/Trio

Eyes - Platinum and 2nd Overall Junior Duet/Trio

My City - Platinum, Swag Award and 1st Overall Junior Line

The Wild Youth (Zoe) - Platinum

I Need Your Love  (Jenae) - Elite Gold and 8th Overall

Mr. Monotony (Zoe) - Platinum, 3rd Overall, 2nd runner up to Junior Miss Legacy and a scholarship to Legacy Dance Convention

I'm Out (Grace) - Platinum, Special Judges Award and an invite to participate in Legacy Nationals

Beats (Daria) - Platinum, 10th Overall and a scholarship to Broadway Dance Center in NYC

Mamma Knows Best (Riley) - Elite Gold, Special Judges Award, 5th Overall and 2nd runner up to Petite Miss Legacy

"You" also won the Choreography Award for all of the 12 & under dances. Also, CPAA won the Sportsmanship Award for the entire competition! Overall, it was an awesome weekend! We are so proud of all of our dancers.


Congratulations everyone!

The Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing - Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith

Jimmy Fallon’s debut as the new host of The Tonight Show brought in some familiar faces — including Robert DeNiro, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Steven Colbert, Lindsay Lohan, and special guest Will Smith. No big deal.

We LOVE Improvement!

Just look at this improvement...Progression is key. Ellora in 2012, 2013, and now in 2014.

Ellora joined the CPAA Dance Company in August of 2012. This is her 2nd year as a member. She works SO hard and is definitely seeing the results. Go Ellora!

Steele Creek Elementary Performance!

On Friday, February 7th, the Dance Company and the Kidz Crew performed at Steele Creek Elementary's Valentine's Dance. The students watched as we performed, and it was so much fun! A big thanks to Steele Creek's PTA President Latesha Addison for asking us to perform. We love to perform whenever we can! Check out some pictures from the event below...


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here at CPAA, we are so excited about 2014! There is so much that we are going to accomplish this year. Right now, our recreational classes are getting ready for the recital this year. We will start dances soon, and we can't begin to tell you how much fun this recital will be! More information about the recital will be provided soon...

Allow me to introduce you to the 2013-2014 CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew. You can always click on the links to view their individual pictures and bios.

The CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew are getting ready for their competitions. Miss Siara and Troy are prepping them for the season. Trust me...they are GOING IN! The girls and guys are working extremely hard. They are ready to perform for all of their family and friends here in Charlotte, Atlanta, Asheville and Savannah this year.

If you aren't busy you should definitely come and check them out at their first competition of the year here in Charlotte at Knight Theatre. It will be the weekend of February 28 - March 2nd. A detailed schedule will be provided later. But we'd love to have the support of our family and friends as we start our competition season!

We'll keep you all updated!

Say Cheeeeeese!

Last Sunday, we had Picture Day for the CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew. Here are a few candid shots that were taken by parents while waiting for their children to take their pictures.

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