Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here at CPAA, we are so excited about 2014! There is so much that we are going to accomplish this year. Right now, our recreational classes are getting ready for the recital this year. We will start dances soon, and we can't begin to tell you how much fun this recital will be! More information about the recital will be provided soon...

Allow me to introduce you to the 2013-2014 CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew. You can always click on the links to view their individual pictures and bios.

The CPAA Dance Company and Kidz Crew are getting ready for their competitions. Miss Siara and Troy are prepping them for the season. Trust me...they are GOING IN! The girls and guys are working extremely hard. They are ready to perform for all of their family and friends here in Charlotte, Atlanta, Asheville and Savannah this year.

If you aren't busy you should definitely come and check them out at their first competition of the year here in Charlotte at Knight Theatre. It will be the weekend of February 28 - March 2nd. A detailed schedule will be provided later. But we'd love to have the support of our family and friends as we start our competition season!

We'll keep you all updated!


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