24Seven Dance Convention Results!

This past weekend, the CPAA Dance Company traveled to Atlanta GA to participate in the 24Seven Dance Convention and Competition. At a dance convention, dancers from different studios come together to take classes from awesome dance choreographers and instructors. At 24Seven, the faculty includes Twitch (So You Think You Can Dance), Sonya Tayeh (So You Think You Can Dance), Lauren Adams, Brooke Pierotti, Jess Hendricks,  Peter Chu, Francisco Gella and Anthony Hendricks.

The 24Seven stage
They took classes all day on Saturday and Sunday. They had an audition for the "Non Stop Dancer Scholarship" on Saturday. Congratulations to Hailey and Zoe for receiving a Junior (11-12 years old) Non Stop Dancer Scholarship and to Cameron for receiving a Mini (7-10 years old) Non Stop Dancer Scholarship.

In addition to auditioning for the Non Stop Dancer Scholarship, the dancers were able to receive scholarships for excellence in classes. Congratulations to Chloe, Grace and Riley for receiving class "Hi Five" scholarships!

The Rubies (Alex, Ellora and Mar'yana) took classes on Saturday with some of the faculty as a beginning introduction to the "convention world." They had a performance on stage to show what they learned. They did awesome, and they weren't nervous one bit!
Alex, Ellora and Mar'yana performing their Sidekick routines
Alex with Twitch
All of the girls competed on Friday and Saturday evenings as well. The faculty was there to judge the girls' performances. They did an awesome job...as usual! "Church" won 2nd overall Junior group, "Tango" won 2nd overall Junior Line and "Drop" (Lauren and Zoe's duet) won 3rd overall Junior duet.

Jenae, Hailey and Toni with Twitch

What a great weekend! The girls learned so much while having fun at the same time. Isn't that what dance should be about? We can't wait to attend 24Seven next year!


Legacy Dance Championships - Columbia SC Results!

Legacy Dance Championship Stage

This weekend the CPAA Kidz Crew and the CPAA Dance Company travelled to Columbia SC to participate in the Legacy Dance Championship. There were so many amazing schools there including Columbia City Jazz (Miss Siara grew up dancing there), Miss Donna's School of Dance, The Dance Company, the Dance Department and many more. Our girls did their thing! They represented for #CPAAnation to the FULLEST. 

Kidz Crew backstage waiting to perform

This was the Kidz Crew first time competing EVER. They were nervous backstage, but when they got on the stage...they KILLED it! The Kidz Crew is a hip hop based dance crew that was started in August of 2012. They compete at a few competitions per year (only hip hop) and participate in the Monsters of Hip Hop Convention (click to see our experiences at Monsters of Hip Hop). They take classes and rehearse for only one day a week for 1.5 hours. 

Listed are the results of Legacy Dance Championships:

Kidz Crew after winning 6th Overall!

Petite Intermediate Small Groups
6th overall - Move Shake Drop (Kidz Crew)

Junior Advanced Small Groups
1st Overall - Church
2nd Overall - PYT
6th Overall - People
7th Overall - Why Don't You Love Me

Junior Advanced Large Groups
3rd Overall - Tango

Mini Novice Duet/Trios
3rd Overall - Boogie Wonderland (Alex, Ellora, Mar'yana)

Junior Advanced Duet/Trios
3rd Overall - The Dance (Grace and Zoe)
4th Overall - Drop (Lauren and Zoe)

Petite Soloists after winning their awards

Petite Advanced Solos
1st Overall - Dance With Somebody (Cameron)
5th Overall - Habanera (Riley)
8th Overall - She Wolf (Chloe)
9th Overall - I Hate Boys (Jenae)

Junior Advanced Solos
4th Overall - When You Believe (Zoe)
8th Overall - I Feel Good (Hailey)

"Boogie Wonderland" and Petite Soloists
"People" was awarded a choreography award. Congratulations Troy!

Cameron was awarded runner-up to Petite Miss Legacy.

Hailey was awarded runner-up to Junior Miss Legacy and a scholarship to Artists Simply Human convention.

Zoe was awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a Broadway Bound Summer Intensive in NYC.

The Judges were able to pick special awards to go to dances that entertained them and stood out. Special Judges Awards were awarded to:

Move Shake Drop
Imma Be (Toni)
I Hate Boys (Jenae)
Habanera (Riley)
Gotcha (Grace)
Kidz Crew with Miss Siara and Troy

Overall, it was a great weekend! All of the kids came ready to dance and show Legacy what we are made of! Big shoutout to our parents...you guys ROCK! Thanks for allowing us to share our passion with your kids. Also, thanks for being non-problematic "dance moms" and "dance dads" :)

Dance Company with Miss Siara and Troy

Next weekend, the CPAA Dance Company will be traveling to Atlanta GA to attend 24Seven Dance Convention. They will be taking classes all day, as well as competing on Friday and Saturday evening. Wish us luck on our next adventure!


Hall of Fame Results!

Some of our lovely dancers from the CPAA Dance Company competed at the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge here in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. They competed some solos, duets, and two of our group numbers. Not only did they perform well, but they also received high scores and many awards throughout the weekend! Listed are the results of Hall of Fame:


We are Family!

This weekend, the CPAA Dance Company will be competing at a competition locally here in Charlotte. We'd love to see all of our family and friends of CPAA Nation come out to support us! 

The competition is called the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge. It's an extremely exciting competition because there are so many studios from the Charlotte metropolitan area that will performing at the same venue. Here is the listed schedule of dances for CPAA:


Terminology Trivia!

I’m sure that students reading this blog have used or heard the term battement before. If grand battement immediately comes to mind, I’m not surprised, as the word battement is commonly dropped from the name of other familiar terms.

Cameron performing a "grand battement" with a tilt
A mother, father, brothers, grandparents, uncles, all share a family name. In a similar way battement is a family of movements.


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