GUEST POST from Cavaughn: Why I Love Dancing!

Cavaughn - CPAA Dance Company member
The reason I like dancing is because no matter what type of music or type of dance, it always expresses me and my feelings. Whether I'm happy, sad, surprised, etc., dance ALWAYS makes me feel happier than I did before I started dancing. That's the main reason I like dancing. Another thing that I like about dancing is that it just makes me feel good! :)

The reason I like dancing with CPAA is that I actually get to learn what words mean such as passé (to pass) and en croix (in the shape of a cross). This means I'm learning a foreign language. COOL! All of these things and more is what makes dance FUN!

Cavaughn is a 2014-2015 CPAA Dance Company member. She has been dancing for 7 years. She also enjoys participating in drama club,  being a member of the Youth Choir and being a youth usher at church. 


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