CPAA Student of the Week for October 7, 2013 is...HANNAH!

Congratulations to our new Student of the Week...Hannah! Hannah (9 years old) is in her 3rd year as a student at CPAA. She is a 2nd year member of the Kidz Crew and also takes ballet and jazz class at CPAA. She is taught by Miss Siara and Troy. In class, she has been recognized by both Miss Siara and Troy for her outstanding work.

Here are the answers to her "Student of the Week" questions:

What's your favorite food: Baked chicken
What's your favorite ice cream: Strawberry ice cream
What's your favorite style of dance: Jazz
What's your favorite subject in school: Japanese
What do you want to be when you grow up: A lawyer and a dancer

Hannah has been studying Japanese for 5 years. She enjoys Children's Church and playing soccer and golf. She loves to make up dances!

Congratulations Hannah. You are awesome!


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