Progression is Key!

Mar'yana - April 2013 & September 2012
When participating in the CPAA Dance Company, the members are constantly pushing and progressing throughout the year. If you want to take your dancing to the next level, joining the CPAA Dance Company is your next step.  These pictures of Mar'yana, Alex and Ellora are proof! 

This is their first year in the CPAA Dance Company. They are our youngest dancers at the ages of 5 (Alex), 6 (Mar'yana) and 7 (Ellora). Constant training, hard work and dedication will get you far. Just look at these pictures and see the difference. The pictures on the right side are from September 2012, and the pictures on the left are from April 2013. 

Ellora - April 2013 & September 2012

WOW! So much improvement in 6 months...
Keep up the hard work girls! You rock :)

Alex - April 2013 & September 2012


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