We are Family!

This weekend, the CPAA Dance Company will be competing at a competition locally here in Charlotte. We'd love to see all of our family and friends of CPAA Nation come out to support us! 

The competition is called the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge. It's an extremely exciting competition because there are so many studios from the Charlotte metropolitan area that will performing at the same venue. Here is the listed schedule of dances for CPAA:


Ms. Joy applying Jenae's makeup
7:39am - Dance With Somebody (Cameron)
Awards - 2:01pm
4:57pm - When You Believe (Zoe)
5:37pm - Habanera (Riley)
5:58pm - She Wolf (Chloe)
6:01pm - I Hate Boys (Jenae)
6:10pm - Show Me Love (Zoe)
6:59pm - The Dance (Grace and Zoe)
Awards - 7:35pm


9:00am - Why Don't You Love Me
9:30am - PYT
Awards - 12:30pm
8:49pm - Imma Be (Toni)
9:43pm - I Gotcha (Grace)
Awards - 10:25pm

If you've never watched a dance competition before, it's pretty exciting. There's a special energy in the air, and all of the dancers are so eager to do well and leave it all on the floor. We'd love to share this experience with you all, so come on out to Halton Theater on CPCC's main campus (1206 Elizabeth Ave) and show us some LOVE! After all...we are family!

Also, I'm still waiting on someone to answer the trivia question from the last post! First answer wins and their child receives a prize!

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